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Simple Address Book

Simple Address Book

Here is a simple Address Book Template created using MS Excel 2007 so that anyone from home or at office can easily use this sheet to record his contacts. Being simple excel spreadsheet, it is very easy to use and maintain. You are not required to be an expert in MS Excel to use or […]

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Address Book Guidelines

No one can ignore the importance of keeping your own Address Book as it can play vital role when you are in need of business service. Your address book will list down all the contacts you have to help you choose the best one. Here are general guidelines to use your address book effectively,
  • While adding new Contact Address, please make sure it does't already exist. Duplicate entries will make it difficult to search through your address book when you are in need of.
  • Define a scheme of naming people, like {First Name then Last Name } or {Last Name then First Name} or {First Name then Middle Name then Last Name} or {Last Name then Middle Name then First Name}. Once decided, stick with them theme and follow it always for consistency.
  • If you have a printed Address Book then write new contact address item according to its proper alphabetic tag.
  • Always complete address information whenever you are adding new address items. It is very common that if you leave new address incomplete, they will never get completed. Do and go for an extra mile if you have to contact that person to collect address information but you must do it at this time.