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Address book is a document that keeps all of your contacts in the same place which facilitates you a lot for connecting your contacts in your work life.  It not only provides you with telephone numbers but also other related information of relevant person or organization. Address book is not new for those who are familiar with keeping their data in computers. It provides a quick search through hundreds or thousands of contacts. The new version of address book is online contact management that assists you to a great extant. We meet new people on regular basis no matter if you are a business marketer or simply on-desk employee. It would be a wise decision to keep record of their contact details and business/industry they belongs to. Such information can pay you back when you are going to need someone from that industry to fulfill your request. If you are looking for a property to rent out or hire at rent, then all those contacts related to real estate industry can quickly help you with much efforts to be spend. Similarly, if you are visiting a new place (first time in your life), it would be great to contact people living their or in near by areas (ever met in your life).

Here are a number of good quality Address Book Templates that can help anyone in creating his/her very own address book quickly.

Simple Address Book Excel Address Book Form Address Book Form 2
Simple Address Book Address Book Form Contact Form
Address Book Template Blue Address Book Template
Orange Address Book Blue Address Book Form

There are a number of reasons for creating your own address book; some of them are as follows.

  • It makes available immediate search feature with couple of letters, sir name or one or two digits of phone number by using filter tool. It saves a lot of time and filter search results also make available all the relevant contact matching to some extant with the key words.
  • In address book one can manage his/her contacts under different groups for instance friends. Close friends, family, business, corporations, services etc.
  • It has large capacity to hold contacts and addresses so that there is no need to manage your contacts in different files and diaries, all contacts can be compiled in the same location that has no threat of losing them.
  • Keeping contacts and addresses in might be crashed due to different reason such as hardware failure or software problem; in such condition online address book is really a blessing which keep your all data saved.
  • When address book is maintained one doesn’t need to write full address of mail recipient while sending email, only write the stating alphabets and system will fetch the address to the address bar in new mail. It also includes option of “mail to….” while clicking any address in address book, when this option is clicked a new mail editor is opened with loaded field “TO” having selected address.
  • A unique task available in address book is to create a list of recipients by creating a separate folder for the desired addresses, pointing to the name of that folder shows an option prepare message for the list that opens a mail editor having all the addresses of list in its “To” field.
  • You are able to download your address book to your PC for working manually or offline.
  • Online address book is a vital option to manage all contacts efficiently.
  • Address book data can be archived on your PC, this file is saved in .csv format so you are able to open or import it in Excel sheet.

Above mentioned benefits highlights the significance of address book. Every one having access to Internet can enjoy this excellent facility of administration of his/ her communication links that enhance his/ her business performance and open new horizons of success in their working.  Number of software is available to create address book successfully with great ease.

Address Book Guidelines

No one can ignore the importance of keeping your own Address Book as it can play vital role when you are in need of business service. Your address book will list down all the contacts you have to help you choose the best one. Here are general guidelines to use your address book effectively,
  • While adding new Contact Address, please make sure it does't already exist. Duplicate entries will make it difficult to search through your address book when you are in need of.
  • Define a scheme of naming people, like {First Name then Last Name } or {Last Name then First Name} or {First Name then Middle Name then Last Name} or {Last Name then Middle Name then First Name}. Once decided, stick with them theme and follow it always for consistency.
  • If you have a printed Address Book then write new contact address item according to its proper alphabetic tag.
  • Always complete address information whenever you are adding new address items. It is very common that if you leave new address incomplete, they will never get completed. Do and go for an extra mile if you have to contact that person to collect address information but you must do it at this time.